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This is Lookathimgo!. Hi lived at home with us in an aquarium with a wire penthouse top. During the day he would hide, during the night, just as soon as the lights went out, and we went to bed, he would get in his wheel and run, and run, and run.

Bailey's (the Q.C. cat) favorite pastime was sitting on a pile of pillows and watching Lookathimgo. He would sit there for hours at a time. Sometimes they even sniffed nose to nose through the wire top on Lookathimgo's house.
We got our mouse accidentally. A very young mousie, he caught himself in a gallon jar in our cupboard. We kept him in the jar for a while and called him Jiffy Pop, as he kept jumping to get out. A week later we got a better set-up for him. A few days later we added a wheel for him to run in. Within 30 seconds of seeing the wheel he was in it running and we both said "look at him go!". Over the next few days several other folks saw the mouse running in the wheel and said the same exact thing, "look at him go!". Guess how he got his name....

This web page was originally made while Lookathimgo was still running around in his house of glass and wire. Those days are long gone and Lookathimgo runs no more.

Alas, Bailey has seen his days come to an end also..

Lookathimgo acting tough


I can't take it any longer!

This is too much for such a little mousie.

You people, cats, and everyone else
are always looking at me!


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Mus musculus
at the tree of life

We have been told that our mouse is not a
House Mouse (Mus musculus).
It appears that Lookie was a Deer Mouse!
BUT! Lookathimgo lived in our house so
he was our "house mouse."

Fin Frum Frank Fer Fodder