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Sirius Marble Sale and Auction

Auctions ended on Sunday, May 25, 2014



No kidding, Chuck has started making marbles again.
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  • There is both "Instant Purchase" and normal auction bidding on all marbles.
  • Instant Purchase will allow you to buy a marble for a fixed price, ending the auction immediately.
  • Placing a bid on a marble removes the instant purchase option.
  • There is no proxy bidding! The full amount you enter on the bid form is the amount that will be bid in the auction.
  • You will need to register before you can place any bids, the link to the registration page is on all auction pages (or click here). You only need to register one time, keep your password for the next auction. Please be sure to register with accurate information so we can contact you if you make a purchase. This info will not be used for anything other than sirius marble auctions and sales.
  • Bidding is pretty easy. View the marble you would like to bid on, enter your name/alias, password, and amount of bid. Then click "Place Bid". There is no review, your bid is placed just as soon as you click the "Place Bid" button.
  • Instant Purchase is about the same as bidding, you enter your name/alias, your password, and click the "Purchase Now" button. There is no review, you are committing to purchase just as soon as you click the "Purchase Now" button.
  • You will receive a notice by e-mail confirming an Instant Purchase.
  • You will be automatically notified via e-mail if your auction bid is raised.
  • You will be automatically notified via e-mail if you have a winning bid at the end of the auction.
  • Please send any questions about this auction to Chuck at:

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