Chuck Pound

Chuck Pound makes glass iciclesHi, my name is Chuck Pound. I am the hot glass sculptor, glass icicle, and marble maker at Sirius Sunlight here in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. My background includes electronics and electrical experience and no formal schooling in art. I learned torchwork mostly by trial and error, not the recommended method but it worked(?). I have been doing torchwork and stained glass since 1985. Starting sometime around 1990 I started making art glass marbles for collectors and other glass lovers.

Brindle (aka Chow) helping Chuck work at the torchDiversions I enjoy in the warmer months? A few canoe trips on the Wisconsin river, snowshoeing, a little fishing, backcountry hiking (preferably in the Colorado Rocky’s or Canyonlands National Park).

I also create websites at GetSirius Internet Services!